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Because it's personal...


Single Addressing System

Using the trade-marked ^ sign, with the aka single addressing system, all you need is to sign your aka name

QR Connect

Seen one of the aka QR code around? Just scan it with your App and instantly join clubs, subscribe and keep in touch, while remainig in control

aka, not SPAM!

65% of the 150 billions emails sent everyday in the world are SPAM, now it stop here...

What is aka about?

Simply put, it give you as a user, control back on your data!

Europe has recently introduced the GDPR law, California is introducing the Consumer Privacy Act and soon, the whole world will follow...

Additionally, with the recent Facebook privacy fiasco and many other companies breaching the GDPR already, the world needed a system that can manage it all

Introducing aka... which stands for Single Point of Contact is much more than just an app, it allows people to remain in control of their personal data while giving businesses an easy way to connect with customers while remainig within the GDPR law.

  • Just hand over your single aka address
  • Remain in control of what data you share and who with
  • Easily update sharing details with people and businesses


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aka for Everyone?

It's FREE to use, download the App, create your aka username and you are ready to go...

  • Choose who you connect with

    Search for friends and family on aka and decide what you share with them, they can then decide what they share with you.

  • Choose what data you share

    Connecting with a business? Simply flick on or off the data fields you wish to share with them.

  • Retain control at all time of your data

    Receiving too many messages from a business, or is someone no longer your friend, simply switch them off from your contact and they will no longer be updated about your details or be able to contact you.

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  • QR code connect!

    To join a company's club, subscription or special offer, simply scan their QR code, you will be connected with the in an instant!

  • Say no to SPAM

    We are all very aware of the burden spam emails are and nothing seems to be able to stop that. aka provides you with your own custom email address, hand this to anyone and aka will deliver to your real email address emails only sent from authorised senders.

  • Manage your deliveries

    How many times do you return home to find that missed delivery card in your postbox? You then got to re-arrange a delivery or a pickup... With aka, shipments are tracked and you are informed of progress in real time and able to decide where and when you want your parcel to be delivered.

aka for Business?

Easy to capture, real time data without breaking the GDPR law for the cost of a stamp a year!

  • Easy to capture

    No longer need to promote your email and postal addresses, telephone numbers, social networks... one single aka address and a QR code does it all!

  • Real time data

    Your customers and contacts are the one that shares and maintain their own personal data. No need to clean the data, as long as the users accept to share data with your company, you will be provided real time data

  • GDPR Compliant

    GDPR requires you as a business to prove that you have acquired a person's personal data with their approval, aka hands that process back to the data's owner.

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  • Promo QR Codes

    The aka business portal provides you a way to create your own custom aka QR codes with special requirements for offers, subscriptions, membership, discounts... Then, promote that QR code on your advertising materials

  • API available

    The aka API (Application Programming Interface) allows your business to connect aka to the most common CRM (Salesforce, Zoho, Workbooks, Insightly...). Alternatively, if you have your own CRM, our tech team can help integrate aka with it

  • News feed

    Keep in touch with your clients directly and discreetly by providing them news feed and location based offers

App Screenshots

Have a look at the App, very user's friendly interface



...and regain control of your data!






SPAM messages eliminated


Promo QR Codes Produced

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most common questions people ask us...

How safe is my data with aka?

Your data is stored fully encrypted by GalaxKey encryption mechanism trusted by millions of users around the world. Even our executive team is unable to read your own data.

I've been given a business card with a aka address on it, what do I do with it?

Simply download the aka App and search for that contact on that card or if a QR code is also provided, you can simplify it by scanning that QR code with your aka App. You will instantly be prompted to specify what data you would like to share with the person and in return, they will be sharing some of their data with you. The data that they share is always up to date and will update your phone contact book as well.

My ##### supermarket has leaflets with a QR code and aka reference on it, what is it for ?

They are simply promoting a special offer or a way for you to join their club or other membership. Scan the QR code with your aka App and you will instantly be informed on what information they want from you. You can then accept or refuse to share those data with them. If you accept, you will be enrolled to their offer and they will have your real time data until the day you choose to stop sharing those with them.

I subscribed to a business offer using the aka App and at the moment, I can't stop sharing my data with them ?

That is because some businesses set a minimum sharing period in return of providing you that offer. Until that minimum period has expired, you must continue to share your personal data with that company. This requirement would have been specified to you before you accepted the offer and shared the data with that company.