"One Word" Addressing

SPOC uses the ^ symbol to identify you. Use your unique ID and have parcels routed directly to your real-time locations.


Use your unique SPOC email address so incoming messages are checked against those on your friends profiles. If the email is unsolicited it is returned requesting they connect with you first.

SPOC QR codes

Seen a SPOC QR code? Scan it with your App and instantly join clubs, subscribe and keep in touch. You can disconnect anytime instantly.

SPOC is a digital address

Europe has recently introduced the GDPR law and California is introducing the Consumer Privacy Act

SPOC or Single Point of Contact enables people to remain in control of their personal data while giving businesses an easy way to connect with customers. At the same time businesses effortlessly comply with GDPR and the Consumer Privacy Act.

  • 1) Share your SPOC address (for example ^Henry64)
  • 2) Specify what personal information you wish to share.
  • 3) Amend or withdraw any permissions with changes effective instantly across your contacts.


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  • Connect with friends

    Search for friends and family on SPOC and specify what personal information to share with them. In turn they will decide what they share with you.

  • Business connections

    Connecting with a business? Simply flick on or off the data fields you wish to share with them.

  • Retain control of your data

    Receiving too many messages from a business or is someone no longer your friend? Simply turn off the sharing tool with your contact and they will no longer be supplied with information. You can continue to be connected to them and view the information they allow without sharing your own.
    To join a company club, subscription or special offer simply scan their QR code. You will be connected instantly. Amend or remove your connection at any point.

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  • SPAM

    We are all aware of the burden of spam emails and nothing seems to be able to stop it. SPOC provides you with a matching email address, the system cross references your contacts email addresses to forward only those sent from authorised senders.

  • One word to route your physical mail

    Each SPOC user has a unique QR code that references their primary address. When parcels are sent using SPOC the system notifies you of incoming physical mail allowing you to hold it at the post office, route to a new address or deliver to your real-time location.
    The revolution of “One word” addressing will change how we route physical mail. We will no longer need to know the recipients’ address, just their digital address powered by SPOC.

Business users

  • Easy to capture

    One SPOC address connects your customers to all the endpoints and information you wish to share. Update instantly and never lose the connection you have with your customers.

  • Real time data

    Your customers share and maintain their own personal data. There is no need to maintain any customer records. All information is real-time and the customer licenses you to contact them by choosing to share the data they specify.

  • GDPR Compliant

    GDPR requires a business to prove that you have acquired a customers’ personal data with their approval. By using SPOC all businesses have the users permission to connect using the data they choose to share.

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  • Promo QR Codes

    The SPOC business portal provides you a way to create your own custom SPOC QR codes with special requirements for offers, subscriptions, membership or discounts. Promote the QR code on your advertising materials and enable customers to connect instantly.


    The SPOC API allows your business to connect SPOC to the most common CRM (Salesforce, Zoho, Workbooks, Insightly and others). Alternatively, if you have your own CRM our team can help integrate SPOC with it.

  • News feed

    Keep in touch with your customers directly and discreetly by providing them with news feed and location based offers published on your company profile.

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...and regain control of your data!